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From fertility management through to monitoring the health of your herd, Cogent helps producers safeguard their investments and improve genetic gain.

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Precision Protect - Cogent Canada

Cogent Protect

Improving health and well-being in a dairy herd to enhance reproductive efficiency is a dairy producers’ top concern.  Our Precision PROTECT offering includes biosecurity protection products as well as a state-of the-art Health and Fertility Monitoring System (MooMonitor+).

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Prevail (CAN) / Intervention® (US)

Prevail™ (Canada), Intervention® (US), with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® is an eco-friendly cleaning and disinfecting product that kills all germs within minutes of contact. Prevail™ will help dairy producers meet the biosecurity expectations and protocols which are included in DFC’s proAction program.

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MooMonitor - Cogent Canada


A Health and Fertility Monitoring System, MooMonitor+ is the only cloud-based activity monitoring system on the market that exhibits accuracy of over 90% in heat detection. Worn as a sensor on a collar, cow’s behaviour (activity levels, resting, ruminating and feeding) are measured every second of every day, and through an advanced data analysis system can indicate cow heats and health events with ease and accuracy.

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