Who We Are

We offer products and services that help our producer partners operate more efficiently, advance their herd and protect their investments.

Cogent Canada - Listowel, Ontario, Canada

Cogent is an innovation leader in bovine genetics, focusing on delivering exceptional service and products to support the profitability of dairy producers.

The first company to market sexed semen, Cogent began selling sexed semen to UK farmers in September 2000. In 2002, Cogent developed our exclusive Harmony Freeze technique, a unique freezing method that leaves a significantly higher proportion of live and healthy sperm after thawing compared to traditional freezing techniques.

Cogent Canada manages one of two Cogent international bull studs. Located in Listowel, Ontario, we have operated since 1995, formerly known as Foundation Genetics. Enhancing natural selection and accelerating genetic progress using genomics, we distribute semen to more than 40 countries

We take pride in a world-class quality control program, biosecurity protocols and our passionate team of professionals. We openly want to collaborate with customers, build strong relationships, and become the trusted genetic partner on your management team.